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Local Fish FAQs

Blackfin Grouper

Year Round
Olive or gray body covered with black blotches and brassy spots; of the sea bass group. Found offshore on rocky bottoms, reefs, and by drop off walls in water over 60 ft deep. Commonly as large as 40 lbs., may be as large as 100 lbs. Feeds on fish and squid.
Blackfin Tuna

Year Round
Back silvery gray to dark at top. Muscular body with thin fins. Found offshore. common to 20 lbs. Schools from the summer in the north to winter in south Florida. Feeds on fish and squid.
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi or Dorado)

April - September
Bright greenish blue above, yellow on sides. Flashes neon bright purple under stress. Body tapers sharply from head to tail. Found offshore in warm waters and commonly reaches 30 lbs. Very fast growing and lacking scales, swims at speeds to 50 knots. It feeds on flying fish and squid.
Gag Grouper

Year Round
Brownish gray in color with dark worm-like markings on sides; strong serrated spur at bottom margin of preopercle, less noticeable in large specimens; fins dark, with anal and caudal having white margin. Often confused with black grouper.
Mutton Snapper

Year Round
Color olive green on back and upper sides, all fins below the lateral line having reddish tinge; bright blue line below eye, following contour of operculum; anal fin pointed; small black spot below dorsal fin. Similar Fish: lane snapper. Where found: an INSHORE species associated with grassbeds, mangroves, and canals; larger adults occasionally found on OFFSHORE reefs.
Triggerfish Its body is large powerful, the eyes being set high up on the forehead. The base color of the fish is a light yellow while the dorsal and anal fins are tinted in blue. All Triggerfishes have the unique ability to lock their first two dorsal spines in an upright position, providing a defense against the larger predators of the oceans that try to make a meal of them.
Redfish (Red Drum) Chin without barbels; copper bronze body, lighter shade in clear waters; one to many spots at base of tail (rarely no spots); mouth horizontal and openng downward; scales large. Similar Fish: black drum.
Red Snapper

Year Round
Color pinkish red over entire body, whitish below; long triangular snout; anal fin sharply pointed; no dark lateral spot. Similar Fish: vermilion snapper. Where found: OFFSHORE on the continental shelf, more plentiful off the panhandle than in south or middle Florida.
Yellowfin Tuna

Year Round
The yellowfin is a large tuna. Its body is strongly fusiform, and deepest under its first dorsal fin, while tapering considerably towards the caudal peduncle. Two dorsal fins are present. In adults, the second dorsal fin is very long, as is the anal fin, which is directly below the second dorsal. These fins become relatively longer in larger individuals.
Yellowtail Snapper

Year Round
Back and upper sides olive to blue with yellow spots; lower sides and belly with alternating longitudinal pink and yellow stripes. Midlateral yellow stripe from mouth to tail. Found off shore or near shore on grass beds, back reefs, and sandy areas. Commonly 3-5 lbs, feeding on small fish and invertebrates.
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